Service Level Agreement

1. Service Availability

PainChek Ltd operates the PainChek system, which includes mobile applications (Apps) for iOS and Android, a Web Portal and a Backend (API/Database).

All systems operate 24x7, 365 days per year, although brief planned service interruptions occur from time-to-time.

PainChek Ltd will use commercially reasonable endeavours to maintain an uptime percentage of 99% free of 'Service Outages'.  A 'Service Outage' is defined as an instance in which a Client is unable to access PainChek due to service failure lasting more than 15 consecutive minutes.

2. Available Support

PainChek Ltd provides support via the following means:

  • Online self-service help via, available 24x7, 365 days per year.  This includes access to training materials, FAQs and user manuals. 
  • Email support via  Users will receive a response  in accordance with the Service Level  Tables set out below.
  • Phone via 1800 098 809 (option 1 for Clinical and Option 2 for Technical support).  The service is available during business hours.  Outside of those hours, you can leave a voicemail and our team will respond in accordance with the Service Level  tables set out below.

3. Business Days and Hours

Business hours are 9am to 5pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) or Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) when daylight savings is in effect in New South Wales, Australia.  Business days are Monday to Friday, excluding any public holidays gazetted in New South Wales.

4. Planned Service Interruptions

Service interruptions (for system upgrades and/or maintenance)  are occasionally planned and are, where possible, scheduled to occur well outside of business hours .  Such interruptions are typically 10 minutes or less in duration and occur at most once per week.

PainChek Ltd uses its best endeavours  to provide 1 business days advance notice via email whenever there will be a scheduled service interruption.

During a service interruption, the Portal and/or the Backend are not available for use.  The Apps can continue to be used during a service interruption, providing that:

  1. a user is already signed into the App, or
  2. the user has registered for a Quick Sign In

Note that during a service interruption, the Apps cannot synchronise with the Backend and hence cannot send/receive new data to/from the backend.  Once the service interruption is finished, the Apps will synchronise with the backend to save/fetch any new data created during the service interruption.

5. Response and Resolution Times

The following table documents the response and target resolution times for issues, based on the severity of the issue:

Severity LevelSeverityResponse TimeTarget Resolution Time
Level 1Urgent4 business hours1 business day
Level 2Medium1 Business day3 business days
Level 3Low1 Business day10 business days

 (info) The "Target Resolution Time" is the time frame in which PainChek Ltd, using commercially reasonable endeavours, will try to resolve the issue.  Depending on the nature of the issue, that time frame may not be achievable.

The following table defines the incident severity levels:

Severity LevelSeverityDefinition
Level 1Urgent
  • Client experiences a complete loss of service
Level 2Medium
  • Client experiences a severe loss of service
  • Important features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion.
Level 3Low
  • Client experiences a minor loss of service. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality

5.1. Exceptions

PainChek Ltd will endeavour to meet the uptime service level but cannot be held accountable where the resolution is delayed due to factors beyond our reasonable control due, including:

  • a Force Majeure Event;
  • the failure of third party supplied telecommunication service;
  • scheduled maintenance and for system upgrades;
  • hardware failure outside the control of the Service Provider;
  • software and/or operating system bugs or flaws outside the control of the Service Provider;
  • network floods, hacks, attacks, viruses, malware from third parties or individuals that could not be prevented by industry standard security measures; or
  • a technology issue originating from the acts or omissions of the client.

6. Service Rebates and Termination

If PainChek Ltd is unable to meet the above service levels on at least 3 occasions during a calendar month, then at the election of the Client, PainChek will provide a refund equal to 20% of monthly Fees (pro-rated) paid for Services in respect of that month.

This policy was last updated on 23rd October 2019